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How to develop the cultural tourism industry in Wuhan?

2019/9/5 10:35:51
At present, the cultural and tourism markets in the Yangtze River Delta, Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and Southwest China are more prominent, but in fact, there are also "giants" in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River urban agglomeration centered around Wuhan, whose cultural and tourism resources, methods and planning of the cultural and tourism industry are not lacking in shortcomings, but there are also many points to be circled, which are becoming increasingly prominent. In the vast cultural and tourism market, they are also values that can not be ignored or revalued.
From the perspective of tourists and tourism income alone, Wuhan is more prominent in domestic cities. From the economic or industrial development, transportation and per capita income, we may have a general glimpse of the reasons behind Wuhan's tourism data.
First of all, the so-called weak economic zone tourism is also very difficult to expand, the strong economic zone tourism is not bad, economic development, industrial transformation and upgrading is one of the basic conditions for the development of a tourism industry. According to public data, in 2018, Wuhan's GDP was 1484.7 billion yuan, up 8% year-on-year, ranking ninth in domestic cities, behind Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Guangzhou, and behind Chongqing, Tianjin, Suzhou and Chengdu. In the second-tier cities or so-called new-tier cities, Wuhan's economic strength as a whole remains in the top echelon position.
Wuhan is also focusing on the layout of emerging industries, including national memory base, network security talents and innovation base, new energy and intelligent network automobile base, aerospace industry base, etc. By gathering new economic development elements such as new technologies, new industries, new formats and new models, it will create more economy. Vitality and development space are also very helpful to attract more talents.
From the point of view that young people in cultural tourism consumption have become the mainstream group, the increase of the new population, especially the young population, has helped a city's cultural tourism consumption. Although the volume of the increase is not very large, it also has many advantages. Similar "people's robbery war" has not stopped, and the effect will continue.
From two dimensions, one is that Wuhan is rich in tourism resources, not lack of prominent natural resources and human landscape, and the vast history and culture are also commendable, but most of the tourist attractions are concentrated in the form of viewing or exhibition, and the products with high participation and high experience are relatively few.
When there are more products for one-day tours and sightseeing tours and fewer products for tourists with longer consumption chains, Wuhan's traffic advantages may, in some respects, become disadvantages for the development of cultural tourism, that is to say, they may become so-called "transit stations". Tourists may stop here for a short time or leave after simple consumption to go to other destinations through convenient traffic. The ground, or the direct corridor, is almost non-stop.
Both, the level of economic development in Wuhan is very important in central China and even in the whole country. Its radiated consumption hinterland is also vast, which attracts the first cultural tourism projects such as Happy Valley, Haichang Ocean Park, Hengda Science and Technology Tourist City to be stationed in the layout, even with the trend of piling up. However, the "endogenous" IP of famous cultural tourism in Wuhan still exists. There is a lot of room to be filled.
The government work report of Wuhan in 2019 put forward that we should vigorously develop all-round tourism, promote the deep integration of cultural tourism, actively integrate and enhance the "two rivers and four banks" tourism resources, plan and build a number of tourism characteristic blocks and scenic spots, and create a number of classic cultural tourism routes. The government work report of Wuhan in 2019 put forward to promote regional coordination. Development includes actively serving the national strategy, actively playing a leading role in the development of urban agglomerations in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, deepening consultation and cooperation among the four provincial capitals, and planning to promote the interconnection of infrastructure and the docking and sharing of innovative resources. We will start the planning and construction of infrastructure in metropolitan areas, accelerate the development of Wuhan's metropolitan area, and support the three major national development zones to build industrial parks with provincial cities and states.

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