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Development of "Cluster Residence"

2019/9/11 8:59:52
Although the development of domestic residential quarters is less than ten years, it has rapidly formed several well-known clusters, each with its own characteristics, to meet the different needs of tourists. Unconsciously, the barbaric growth of the residential quarters, has been separated from the situation of solo struggle, hugging to warm up, has become the norm. "Cluster residential accommodation" was born in such a situation. From the spontaneous gathering to the official building, cluster residential accommodation seems to have more possibilities. In the unconscious, the people host and the tourists vote with their feet together, which has naturally formed the "cluster residential accommodation".
Cluster residential accommodation is located in the periphery of economically developed cities.
Distance is the first factor affecting travel planning, but it is directly adjacent to the city center, and it also has no sense of vacation. Therefore, residential investors or operators prefer to choose areas with strong local flavor around the city or mountain development in the city. For example, Mt. Mogan is situated between Shanghai and Hangzhou. No matter where you start, it can be reached in an hour. The appropriate distance gives Mt. Mogan a steady stream of passengers.
The economically developed cities have plenty of tourists, and the strong economic conditions guarantee the tourists'consumption ability. The surrounding areas naturally become the hot spots for the development of residential tourism, forming the spatial distribution pattern of residential accommodation concentrated in the periphery of economically developed cities.
Cluster-type residential accommodation is distributed around areas rich in tourism resources.
Nowadays, tourism mainly focuses on sightseeing, vacation and entertainment. Hostel is more attractive only when it combines with the historical and humanistic landscapes, natural ecological landscapes and activities of life and production with local characteristics. Therefore, residential accommodation in the spatial layout is often closer to the local development of mature excellent scenic spots. The flow of people in scenic spots can bring passenger flow for residential quarters.
In most agglomeration areas, the scale of individual accommodation is relatively small, and the number of employees is relatively small, so the amount of acceptance is limited. Even if we take fewer routes to raise prices, there is not enough staff to meet. The accommodation products provided by residential accommodation in the agglomeration area have strong regional characteristics, such as Lijiang's residential accommodation, mostly ethnic style, Mogan Mountain's residential accommodation, mostly wild luxury wind, Wuzhen's residential accommodation, which is new Chinese style. Therefore, suppliers and target customer groups are comparatively similar, the competition is fierce, and the first wave of entrance is not grasped. The agglomeration area, or without abundant funds, can hardly make money in the competition.
With the sense of aggregation has become a strong and joint type of aggregation, although the cluster-based residential quarters will continue to hold for a long time, but the situation has gradually changed. Whether the external call for "standardization of residential accommodation" or internal competition, are forcing cluster-based residential accommodation to keep up with the new situation.
The combination of individualization and standardization. Human nature and differential experience are inherent advantages of residential accommodation. It is also the foundation and core competitiveness of residential development. At the same time, if any industry wants to develop, it must go to the road of standardization. Because only standardization can scale, only scale can bring scale effect of cost reduction. The development of residential quarters needs not only standardization as the basis, but also individualization.
Give consideration to business and feelings. It is said that most people who do boarding are emotional and sentimental, but in fact, people who do investment are rational. Location, passenger flow and off-peak season are the key points to be considered. Accommodation should not be simply "sleeping" or "sleeping", but should be based on the local natural and cultural characteristics of resources, add content on the basis of "accommodation", in order to import tourism products, capital can earn income.
Community commerce and self-Media communication. At present, most of the advertising platforms for residential accommodation are tourist platforms, which are suitable for large hotels. Homestead is a small and beautiful individual, which belongs to the category of scenes, and its core is community commerce. Therefore, residential operators should be aware of the power of self-Media and make use of social platforms as their direct marketing channels.

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