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Night Economy Attraction

2019/9/12 10:37:47
With the increasing number of tourists and the increasing frequency of consumers'travel, the dilemma of booking in peak season becomes more and more obvious. Especially during holidays, it is more difficult to find a room with different characteristics and diversified style of operation. In such an environment, consumers gradually develop the "seat-grabbing" awareness of "booking before traveling".
Although most of the popular tourist destinations have made corresponding arrangements for Mid-Autumn Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is sandwiched between summer vacation and National Day vacation, does not have an advantage in terms of the length of play and the richness of play items. Therefore, the price of air tickets is usually 20-40% cheaper than the peak season, which has become the choice of many consumers. One of the main reasons for autumn outings.
In view of the fact that the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday lasts only three days and is 11 long holidays after two weeks, the data show that most travelers choose short-distance travel actors, leaving the opportunity of "taking leave to patch up long holidays" to 11, which is more cost-effective.
The biggest selling point of Mid-Autumn Festival is to "enjoy the moon". At the same time, as the government continues to increase its efforts to support the "night travel economy", visionary businessmen around the country have begun to link "moon appreciation" and "night travel" together to vigorously promote, and subsequently derive a variety of colorful festival activities.
Most of the popular cities during the festival have prominent "night tour economy" attributes, which is quite different from the situation in which most of the destinations during the summer vacation are mainly coastal cities. The endless lighting of Hongya Cave in Chongqing absolutely shocked those who had never been there; influenced by the popular TV drama Chang'an Twelve Hours, it is expected that the fever of Furong Garden in the Tang Dynasty in Xi'an will also increase dramatically; and the characteristic night tour experience, including Nanjing Confucius Temple and Hangzhou West Lake, may become the tourist's choice. One of the important factors affecting land use.
During the Mid-Autumn Festival, orders for Hanfu and Guzhen Inns grew rapidly, exceeding the growth rate of net red houses such as pink girls'hearts and sliding houses. However, the relevant person in charge of the Woodbird Platform said that this is mainly because consumers are influenced by the traditional festival atmosphere, during which they are more willing to integrate into the festival and experience different pleasures. By the end of the holiday, the proportion of different types of accommodation will be adjusted to the normal range.
From the above data, we can see that most of the Mid-Autumn Festival travelers have a high degree of recognition and participation in traditional festivals and folk culture, and a small part choose to avoid eleven holidays and staggered peak trips in order to have a better play experience. During this period, consumers with travel plans will have to plan ahead if they want to live in the desired accommodation.

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