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Young people don't necessarily buy OTAs to use music festivals to boost destination marketing

2019/9/14 10:39:24
"Summer of the Band" officially closed on August 10, but the waves have not yet subsided. The most direct manifestation is that the bands in the program frequently appear in music festivals all over the country. Countless young people are crazy for idols, but also unconsciously make a contribution to the local tourism industry.
Horsehoneycomb is not the only online travel platform to enter the festival. Ctrip also has products related to the festival with group tours and ticket plates. In the same trip, it opens the "festival + tourism destination" by investing in music self-Media and the culture of the festival operator Nanfeng.
How does OTA take advantage of its advantages to help destination pack and drain products? How can operators help scenic spots design products? How can operators and OTAs help destinations improve re-travel rates and secondary consumption? Music festivals are not long in China. In this case, there is no definite answer to these questions.
To go to a music festival, we need to book transportation products. If we have to book a hotel for a long stay and a long destination, the music festival is equivalent to a short or long journey. It is theoretically feasible to pack music festivals with accommodation and transportation in OTA.
The predecessor of Nanfeng Culture is a folk field named "ballad and poetry" which is from the media. During the transformation, Nanfeng culture has been associated with the same journey of tourism and has entered the incubator of the same journey. Tongcheng tourism is a kind of off-line scenic resources, such as scenic spots and characteristic towns, which links and cooperates with each other. It helps the south window culture to transform to the mode of "music Festival + tourism destination". South Window Culture has tried to package tickets for music festival, accommodation and scenic spots, but the conversion rate is relatively low. Wang Jinhuan said bluntly, "We can only say that some things will be successful if we do not work hard, but also consider the user's habits."
The difference between the use of OTA and the people who go to music festivals is whether they coincide, whether the packaged products can be satisfied when they book tickets to music festivals, and whether going to music festivals itself is categorized in the category of "tourism" in the minds of such people.
The problem is much more than that. There are many temporary decisions on the consumption of music festivals, which require more flexible solutions. However, packaged products have strong restrictions on consumers'decision-making, and also affect the release of saleable rooms for hotels. In addition, the scarce tickets and location are controlled in the hands of ticket agents and scalpers. It is difficult for OTA to have competitive tickets. If travel time is longer or need to go abroad, consumers will have a more "travel" concept, more likely to choose OTA booking.
With the advent of 5G technology, the video viewing threshold will continue to decline in the next year or two. Li Liang revealed that by then, Nanfeng Culture may be conducting propaganda in tremolo and fast hand, integrating online and offline, and inviting artists to promote music festivals and destinations in the personal numbers of these short videos.
In the music festival of Horsehoneycomb, Modern Sky and Chishui Valley Scenic Spot, Modern Sky is responsible for inviting artists, on-site equipment and music control. Horsehoneycomb is responsible for tourism content aggregation and online marketing communication. Scenic spots and destinations provide tourism infrastructure and comprehensive services for tourists. Only when Nanfeng culture, scenic spots and destinations participate, online and offline marketing communication is also responsible for Nanfeng culture. Scenic spots and destinations are mainly responsible for providing venues and infrastructure in music festivals. For marketing communication and local design of Music Festival products, the degree of intervention and initiative are not high. This situation is prevalent in national music festivals, but the core factor determining the marketing effect is actually the destination itself.
Honeycomb said that in cooperation, Honeycomb can empower the destination tourism industry by means of content and big data, but the tourist carrying capacity of the destination, the degree of improvement of infrastructure construction and the situation of tourism resources are still important factors affecting secondary consumption and return rate.
A more reasonable way of cooperation requires a more mature Music Festival market. "Only when the policy funds are reduced as much as possible, mainly funded by both scenic spots and operators, and profits are divided between them, can we better see and define the effect of music festivals on the actual revenue and secondary consumption of scenic spots, and scenic spots and destinations will pay more attention to their own marketing strategies and effects."

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