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Star-rated hotels in Guangzhou start with reducing the supply of "six small pieces"

2019/9/15 10:10:38
According to the requirement of "Guangzhou Star Hotels Promote the Special Action Plan for Reducing the Disposable Goods in the Hotel Industry in an All-round Way" (hereinafter referred to as "Action Plan"), Guangzhou Star Hotels do not place "six small pieces" disposable articles (toothbrushes, combs, shavers, shoe polishes, bath wipes, nail files) in the guest rooms. Hotel restaurants do not take the initiative. Provide disposable tableware, advocate new sales service of recyclable travel kits in hotels, and guide consumers to develop green life and consumption habits.
Most of the "six small pieces" are made of plastic, which is difficult to be degraded in soil after landfill, and has become a new source of pollution in cities. Guangzhou has taken the first step in promoting the reduction of disposable goods in hotels in an all-round way. Next, management departments, hotels and consumers need to work together and continue to promote. According to the official of Guangzhou Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau, there are 160 star-rated hotels in Guangzhou, with about 30,000 rooms. On average, 1.7 million disposable items are produced every day. If we can gradually reduce disposable goods from the source and promote waste reduction, it is of great significance to promote the construction of civilization and environmental protection.
Previously, at the meeting of mobilizing and deploying star hotels to reduce disposable goods in Guangzhou, the directors of all star hotels in Guangzhou said that they would reduce disposable goods and do a good job in guiding and explaining guests; organize hotel staff to carry out special business training to deepen the classification of domestic waste and reduce disposable goods in the hotel industry.
The responsible person of Guangzhou Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau said that star-rated hotels are taking the lead. Other hotels responded positively and strive to cover the city's accommodation industry as soon as possible. At present, this work is in the initial stage of implementation, many hotels through the front desk, room television, desk cards and other ways to inform the guests not to provide disposable goods of the original committee. Wang Yin, general manager of Guangdong Branch of Dongcheng International Group, said that before the official document was released, a briefing meeting had been held within Dongcheng International Group to push forward the work of reducing disposable goods. In the future, the experience of canceling "six small pieces" in Shanghai Branch might be copied to Guangzhou.
There is no shortcut to cultivate environmental habits, and the formation of civilized environmental behavior is not overnight. Only when consumers and hotels act together to reduce the use of disposable goods, can we promote garbage reduction from the source.
The hotel does not actively provide "six small pieces" has become a hot topic in the accommodation industry, with the implementation of the policy, there are also some difficulties. As early as July 2018, Guangzhou promulgated and implemented the Regulations on the Classified Management of Domestic Waste in Guangzhou. It proposed to promote the use of recyclable goods in hotels, catering and other service industries, limiting or reducing the use of disposable goods, but the effect was not satisfactory. Some hotel managers told me that after the introduction of similar documents last year, the vast majority of hotels held a wait-and-see attitude and did not form an atmosphere of unifying the abolition of "six small pieces" in the whole industry. A few hotels that first implemented the regulations were complained by customers for many times, and subsequently had to restore free provision.
The responsible person of Guangzhou Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau also said that at present, the hotel is not required to provide voluntarily, rather than directly. In order not to affect the service quality of the hotel, in the transitional period, if the guests have difficulties, the hotel can still provide "six small pieces". In this regard, some hotel managers have proposed that if there is a need for guests, the hotel still needs to deliver "six small pieces" to the room in order to ensure the quality of service, which may increase the pressure of manual service, especially in the morning service period, which requires a dedicated waiter to undertake the work. However, some hotels are not worried about the service pressures during the transition period. For example, some hotels of Dongcheng International Group have already implemented robotic services. Robots can distribute goods to rooms according to customers'needs, alleviate service pressures and enhance the sense of technology.
The environmental protection concept and consumption habits of the guests need to be cultivated for a period of time, and the work needs to be carried out step by step. In the short run, some customers may feel unused to it, but in the long run, it has little impact. Next, Guangzhou Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau will carry out special supervision and inspection on star-rated hotels to deepen the classification of domestic waste and reduce the use of disposable goods. It will actively publicize star-rated hotels with remarkable achievements, set up typical models, build star-rated hotels to deepen the classification of domestic waste and reduce disposable goods in the hotel industry. The atmosphere and environment of the special work form a long-term mechanism of chain promotion, all-round coverage and industry participation.

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